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Coaching / training

On owner’s boat or on rental boat.

Coaching is a training on board your boat, adapted to your needs and expectations. I offer you a personalized support to your situation.



You want to improve your skill, to know your boat better or to progress in navigation, you can count on my experience.

From an early age I have always been interested in pure navigation and I will be happy to share my knowledge with yours.

Towards maximum optimization of your boat and yourself.

“…, One hand for the man, one hand for the boat…”
E. Tabarly


The training needs are very varied, from taking control of your boat, to a targeted program such as port maneuvers or marine weather.

Tell me what your needs are so that I can offer you the training that suits you best.

Security, armament, maintenance, weather, optimization, seamanship, diplomas and legislation, mechanics, routing, map, navigation with applications. On-board communication (VHF- SMDSM). Sailing, man-to-sea (HLM), port and mooring manoeuvres.Etc…

A detailed and personalized support program will be offered to you according to your needs and those of your boat.

bateau moteur

BOat licence training

"river, coastal and offshore."

Certified Teacher Trainer in Practice and Theory in several schools.

Each boat licence will allow you to carry out different sailings on the coast, offshore and by river.
This licence is required to sail by motorboat. Beyond the coastal permit, it is possible to go further and pass the offshore licence.

Schoolboat in Paris

How do I get the boat licence ?

To take the boat licence exam, you must apply for registration and pass theoretical and practical training. The training institution must have obtained accreditation and the trainer must be authorized to teach by the administration.

The boat licence or motor pleasure boat driver’s licence, is the driver’s licence for personal recreational boating vehicles issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

To pass the boat licence, you must be at least 16 years old and have a doctor’s certificate. Candidates under the age of 16, who had accompanied driving experience for 3 years, may take the exam. It will then be necessary to contact to maritime affairs

The Coastal option licence, allows to sail up to 6 miles from a shelter, day or night, whether at sea, but also on lakes and closed bodies of water, but beware, not on rivers and canals (Permit Fluvial).

The Offshore licence allows you to sail, by engine, beyond 6 miles from a shelter, and to sail offshore.


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