Make your nautical project come true!

Projects / Advice

You start dreaming thinking about the pleasure boats seen during your seaside stays. I can help you make your boating dreams come true. You want to be advised, oriented, guided, I can help you and facilitate your choices.

Like a desire to take off

  • A project in sight, a boat purchase, a shipyard to follow, a desire to escape, I can advise you and totally guide you in the construction of your dream until its finalization
  • Give me your project and I’ll help you get through every step of the way
  • Focus and discussion around the choice of boat, the desired equipment, desirable or possible, for the navigation part and for the comfort and life part on board
  • Definition of a specification, pre-visits or counter visit for the search for your future sailboat
  • Research and budgeting
  • Administrative

Everything you need to know about being a captain

You want to become Captain, Sailor, skipper I can guide you in your steps and in the choice of your training.

“You have to row before you hold the rudder, keep your bow and observe the winds before you steer the ship yourself” Aristophanes


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