Bring your boat in other navigation basins


If you don’t have the time or the opportunity to take your boat to a new cruise area, using an independent skipper is a good solution. Aim, pilot, ferry a boat in the best conditions of safety and on time.

Need a Graduate Captain !

Transport your boat safely.

  • Reception and delivery (exit from the site, verification, preparation and conveyance)
  • Conveying of new ships or owners.

Preparation of all steps and delivery date, determined at the time of writing of the contract.

A sea tracking, in real time, can be provided on request, with daily positioning on the internet.

A full technical report will be provided upon arrival of the ferry, with advice for possible improvements.


PAY attention

The boat must be in perfect working order and be adapted to the intended crossing.

Basic safety armament will have to be on board and the master will be the sole judge of the crew’s choice, route followed and technical or weather-related imperatives.


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