Samuel Longepied

Captain, Trainer, Cruises, Conveying

Welcome aboard !

“I listen to the sea, I listen to the wind, I listen to the sails that speak with the rain and the stars in the sounds of the sea and I am not sleepy”

The Long Road: Alone between Seas and Skies (1971) by Bernard Moitessier

Samuel Longepied,

  • Independent captain
  • Trainer licence boat
  • Assistance in the management of personal projects
  • Help with handling, technical preparation
  • Development
  • Ferry of all types of boats, all distances, all destinations
sam skipper capitaine
bateau et mer


Need an independent skipper to take you with the wind and the waves?

I can arrange your sea trip “end to end” according to your specifications. Navigation program, specific requests, atmosphere, refuelling management, boat rental.



Take your boat to other shipping ponds. If you don’t have the time or the opportunity to take your boat to a new cruise area, using a professional skipper is a good solution.  Transport your boat safely with a merchant marine certified captain.

your captain

I was almost born on a boat. With my father, until the age of 20, we went sailing as soon as possible. Originally from the Paris region, Brittany is very quickly became my home port and the boat my oxygen.

My fondest memory of travelling at sea with my father at the age of 17 is the 15 days spent in Patagonia navigating the glaciers with a stopover in Cape Horn.

Today, I offer my services with all my experience as an independent Captain for my greatest pleasure and I also hope yours.


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