take off


I can arrange your sea trip “end to end” according to your specifications. Navigation program, specific requests, atmosphere, refuelling management, boat rental.

I will offer you a personalized pro
gram, whether for a day, a weekend or a week.

Need a captain to lead you to the wind and the waves ?


Need tranquility !

Am I ready to take a boat on my own ? Ne
ed to be accompanied by a professional skipper ?

Cruise preparation and follow-up

Go safely with the help of a professional skipper.

You want to have information about a navigation, determine a route in order to secure yourself during a cruise that you are going to skipper.

For preparation or along the way (remote help, weather routing), I will bring you the knowledge and advice to carry out your cruise in complete serenity in the best conditions.


A cruise program will be determined in advance :

Project study, armament, weather, choice of stopovers, food and refuelling, logbook, maintenance book, administrative constraints depending on the country, constraints according to the navigation zones, study of maps, life at sea, leisure and activities.

“Everything men have done beautiful and good, they have built with their dreams… Bernard Moitessier


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