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“Oh Captain, My Captain!” The
Circle of the Missing Poets (1990)

Siret XXXX – APE XXXX / Owner Role / RC Pro

I was almost born on a boat. With my father, until the age of 20, we went sailing as soon as possible. Originally from the Paris region, Brittany is very quickly my home port and the boat my oxygen.

My fondest memory of travelling at sea with my father at the age of 17 is the 15 days spent in Patagonia navigating the glaciers with a stopover in Cape Horn.

sam patagonie
sam patagonie

It wasn’t until 10 years later that I finally took the risk of leaving everything, work and family, and finally becoming who I am today.

Alone and against everyone’s advice, I left at the age of 30, at the sailing school of the Glénans in Concarneau to begin my training for future professionalization.

Following this most enriching experience, I opt for a merchant marine training, speciality sailing (Captain 200 sailing). I then went to Le Havre and then to Fécamp where I perfected myself in all maritime fields on more technical skills.

You have to be able to agree to go out of your comfort zone to become as complete as possible (Mechanic 750 KW).

This course led me to work on passenger boats in Camargue, as a mechanical captain in Brittany, captain on old rig (the Popof), sailor on a tug in Marseille, or as captain of Catamaran and Motor Yacht in the West Indies in Saint-Barthélemy (Princess 50, Lagoon 450 …).

Pure experience.

A series of conveyances on different sailboats (monohulls and multihulls) between Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Sicily, all over the Mediterranean, in the Balearic Islands to England and 3 transatlantics gave me a taste for the sea.

In 2017, I was hired as Captain for Catlante Catamaran.

This new experience allowed me to validate and perfect all my know-how and much more. (Cabin cruise mainly in Corsica and the Caribbean)

All these years at sea far from all filled me with joy and forged the sailor that I am today. I’ve made my dream come true.


Back ashore for part of the year for two years for my little family, we had to reinvent ourselves a little without leaving the world of boats.

This is how I discovered the world of training for pleasure permits of which Paris is one of the most important poles. I didn’t think I’d ever sail the Seine and finally it’s a pleasure.

Training, teaching and introducing people to the rules of boating is an opportunity and a new way to share.

This is how I came to offer my services with all my experience as an independent Captain to my delight and I hope also yours.

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